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Immigration: Facts or Misinformation?
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Andrew Green – Knight of the British Empire: Peddler of truth or exaggeration ? 

Asylum: “Asylum laws ‘inhumane'” – “Blunkett accused over race
” – “Blair’s asylum pledge rubbished” – “UK tops EU asylum figures” by westkinassociates, immigration lawyers 17 Hanover Square, Mayfair, London W1S 1HT

Asylum children policy ‘immoral’: “It’s like saying during the Boer War that the camps for the Boers were in fact not concentration camps.”

Child Segregation and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989): The Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act (2002) “. . .provides that residents of an accommodation centre shall not be treated as part of the population” 

Poison Pens of Racism: The naked hate is not coded or polite, not iced with concern for domestic race relations.’

Orwellian Newspeak word: Clandestine(s)

Comment: “Now we have to tolerate a new right-wing organisation, Migrationwatch UK, which is suddenly being treated with undue respect.” 

Sangatte closure: “I read it almost every other day now in The Times . . . it borders on fascism.”
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Withdrawal of Asylum Support “These are certainly harsher measures than the Tories introduced in 1996”

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Through BBC online: “The Home Office says that Migration Watch UK’s figures should be treated with – considerable caution” Others said “Little more than idle speculation” “Scaremongering” “Whether this is a double-counting of asylum seekers is not clear” “What this does is give the far right ammunition to propagate their own particular views” Plus “Leading article: A nasty little group playing an old, and unwelcome, trick” from the Independent Newspaper

Asylum seekers driven by conflict not poverty
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Asylum in the UK: an ippr fact file (56 page pdf file) 

The Joint Committee on Human Rights
“When the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Bill reached its Report Stage in the House of Lords, the Government sought to introduce a number of substantial amendments. . . The Committee has considered the amendments, and concludes that they give rise to potential incompatibilities with rights under the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESC), and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.”

“. . . clearly anti-racists, left-wing and minority parties need to beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Labour justifies harsh laws on such issues as asylum by stoking up our fears of fascism‘ 
“The leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin, acknowledged their help when he said: ‘The asylum-seeker issue has been great for us. This issue legitimates us.’ If Blairites believe they are responding to a future BNP threat, then they must acknowledge it is a threat they helped create. Orwell imagined a sedate English fascism which didn’t actually call itself fascism. Today we are getting a touch too close to far-Right policies from a party which doesn’t actually call itself far Right.” . . . 

This asylum-seekers Bill is repugnant and pushes Britain morally out in the cold
“So let’s get one thing clear: these centres are not for accommodation; they are for detention. They will be a constant reminder that, in 2002, this country legislated in order to discriminate.”
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The unholy alliance against immigrants 
“This scale of coercion, and the repressive political narrative that supports it, is a direct threat to an open society.”
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It’s time to stand up for your liberalism 
“In Europe, the Right is using immigration to suppress the Left. In Britain, it is New Labour that is leading the way ” 
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Europe can defeat fascism
“All over Europe, in response to crime and growing immigrant populations, there is a re-emergence of a fatal DNA in the European values gene, a murky cocktail of racism, anti-Semitism, nationalism, anti-immigration and calls for ultra-hardline criminal justice policies.” . . .

License to hate
“‘The most serious trend we have seen is a rise in reports of incidents when the issue of asylum seekers and refugees is brought into the public domain by reputable politicians making inflammatory statements.’” 

Lies, damned lies and . . . statistics

“only about 5% of those (refugees) who arrive in Britain each year are genuine” “More than two million immigrants will arrive in Britain”
Source: MigrationWatchUK Website

“The 42% official “recognition rate” (for refugees who arrive in Britain) explodes the popular myth” . . .

Asylum: Can we trust the figures?